Natural Remedies For Crepey Skin-under eyes

As we age our skin loses thickness and elasticity and so it’s important to use a really good natural remedy. It has active ingredients that are going to help improve the skin tone, texture, elasticity, and remove the dead skin cells off the top layer of skin to reveal fresher, plumper skin underneath as well as hydrate the skin.

We’re working on crepey eyes. So crepey skin, crepey eyes. If you’ve got that sort of sandpapery-looking, crepey-looking skin, this article is for you. Stay tuned.

So crepey skin can be really frustrating. It happens to the best of us. You usually start to see it in your late 40s, into your 50s. And crepey skin can many times be glycated skin. And what that means is, that the collagen molecule has cross-linked with a sugar molecule.

Right, and if you know, when you put a protein plus sugar. If you think about it, you put a pot of milk and sugar on the burner. What happens? It turns into caramel.

So we have sort of a thickened, just a sort of a soupy mess going on there. Where the skin gets hardened. The half-life of collagen is about 15 years and so this can linger for the rest of our lives.

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Natural Remedies For Crepey Skin

What causes glycation?

Sun, just general aging, too much sugar in the diet. This might describe nearly all of us until we’re fully sugar-free. And smoking. There are other things that cause it but smoking’s probably the absolute worst. As far as causing glycation.

And glycation left unchecked, just sort of gets denser and thicker as we age. And so if you think about grandma and grandpa and how they have that sort of pebble stone skin.

That just starts to sag and all that. That is extremely glycated skin, that unless you cut through that, you can put any remedy. You want to in the world on it and it just doesn’t do very much. ‘Cause, that’s glycation gone very wrong over a long period of time.

What can we do about glycation?

Glycation is usually a mixture of internal forces and external forces. And it can come back. But I think paired with some good anti-glycation skin care, as well as something like NeoGenesis.

I’ve actually seen the ScupllaMask work on glycation. Is it fast? No (laughs). But it does work on it. So, I think that would be a really great treatment as well if you could go get fibroblasts or plasma work and then go back two weeks later and have the mask put on.

The Sculplla Mask. And even then, be sure you’re diligent in making use of your Sculplla Mist. or your Caviplla. So both of these have that Poly-L-Lactic Acid in them and it’s gonna speed up the cellular turnover so that glycation doesn’t really have a chance to happen.

I’m not sure all the science behind it. it has an ingredient called a supplement that’s supposed to actually break down glycation.

Diet for crepey skin

It’s is one of the most awesome crepey skin tips I ever found out in my life and is not skincare. You put inside your body has a bigger effect on your skin and your overall health than what you put on top, although a good skin routine is super important.

The number of AGEs in your food can actually affect the aging process, whether you get wrinkles, and high levels of AGEs can also promote insulin resistance, which is hand in hand with things like diabetes.

It makes it more durable so that you can drop some weight, and AGEs stands for Superior Glycation Finish Merchandise is sort of like a really excellent acronym as a result of it spells AGEand it helps with anti-aging, meant to be.

What AGEs do is actually increases the oxidization… oxidization and that is bad for aging because antioxidants reduce oxidization and keep us looking young, where oxidization does the opposite.

Foods with high levels of AGEs can actually increase oxidization levels to a point where your body can’t handle it increases inflammation and basically, it just ages you and it could age you prematurely if you are consuming too many AGEs.

A number of the most harmless stuff you eat on your plate have loopy quantities of AGEs so bacon that has been microwaved for three minutes has over 90,000 AGEs and canned corn has 195 AGEs so the distinction is rather like meals alternative is unimaginable the opposite factor I found that was loopy is that even the identical meals gadgets can have an enormous distinction in AGEs simply relying on the way you prepare dinner it.

So rooster that has been fried by eight minutes has over 73,000 AGEs but if you take the exact same chicken and boil it for an hour, there is only a little over 11,000 AGEs you can even eat the exact same food and cook it differently and you can vastly reduce the number of AGEs.

You consume in general fruit and veggies that have low levels of AGEs and fats, sugars, processed foods, and meat have higher levels cooking methods with high levels of moisture such as steaming, boiling, cooking at low temperatures, like stewing and slow cooking it reduces the number of AGEs cooking methods that are really dry and really really hot like over 300 degrees can actually dramatically.

Increase the amount of AGEs things like frying, grilling, barbecuing, baking, goodbye barbecues forever, so long and one thing to know is that even if you fry or cook vegetables and fruits in these really high temperatures and dry methods it actually doesn’t increase the number of AGEs that badly compared to foods with high fat or sugar content such as meat.

Natural Remedies For Crepey Skin

Natural skin tightening home remedies to tighten loose skin face lifting mask for firmness skin and tighten crepey skin.

Tomato Mask

Tomato is an excellent food good for skin when you want natural remedies for wrinkles and crepey skin and your skin look soft and supple and brighten as well then this skin tightening facial is surely for you as we mentioned crepey skin is one of the main signs of aging sun exposure and toxin exposure.

But it doesn’t stop there over time wrinkles furrows frown lines and crows feet slowly start forming rich in b-vitamin alpha-hydroxy acids calcium.


Tomato     1

Raw milk   1table spoon

Rice flour     1 tablespoon

Raw honey   1 tablespoon


Mix all the ingredients very well. Apply it to your crepey face and hands and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes.

Fenugreek Mask:


Fenugreek paste   1 tablespoon

Yogurt                     1 tablespoon

Honey                       1 tablespoon


Mix all the ingredients very well. Apply the mask to your crepey face and hands and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes.

White egg Mask:


White egg    1

Yogurt          1 tablespoon

Sugar           1 tablespoon


Mix all the ingredients very well. Apply this mixture to your face. leave it for 10 to 20 minutes. Wash your face and see the magic.

Natural remedies for crepey skin under the eyes

As we age we lose collagen in our skin and our eyelid skin is very thin and so that skin shows the loss of collagen even faster than other areas of our face.

So that’s why the eyelids tend to be very commonplace that people initially come in for a consultation. We have a great option to tighten the skin around your eyes with natural remedies.

Type of wrinkle under the eyes:

There are two types of wrinkles.

  1. Static wrinkles
  2. dynamic wrinkles

Static wrinkles appear when the face is at rest, or with no expression, and dynamic wrinkles appear when smiling or other facial expressions. Treating these two different types of wrinkles needs separate approaches. Wrinkles are one of the most noticeable aspects of an aged appearance.

Natural remedies for crepey skin under the eyes

These two ingredients you can use together or you don’t even have to use them together you could just use one of them at a time or just whatever you like.

These two oils have worked for me I’ve tried them I continue to use them whenever I need them and they always work.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is like a miracle for your under-eye area all you need to do is take a little bit. Then apply it right under the area I apply it generously at night time then I go to sleep by the time. When I wake up it’s all absorbed into my eye area and my eye area just looks a lot more awake than the skin around.

It is hydrated and moisturizes it’s not dry so it’s not like wrinkling and it also just helps fade away any darkness you have under your eyes.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is really great for your under eyes. Almond oil absorbs into the skin really well there is no grease enos like with coconut oil it is a little bit greasy but it’s mean it’s not a big deal almond oil is one of those oils that’s like a serum so it absorbs into your skin really quickly.

It doesn’t leave any kind of residue it lightens the area because it does have lightening properties in it it fights wrinkles fine lines. It also moisturizes and hydrates the area under the eyes.

I really like to use almond oil and coconut oil around the eyes because it does not irritate the eyes even if you get a little bit like in your eye doesn’t irritate.

It’s very gentle and also it just gets rid of all the marks of the darkness like these two things are really beneficial for the darkness around the eyes.

I’ve experienced it myself where I see it’s diminishing over a few days these are the two things that I love to use under my eyes and around my eyes to make it look younger and fresher and just to bring it back to life after all of the damage that I put in it or around it.

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