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How To Cover Grey Hair With Highlights : Lowlights

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When you color your hair, it’s essential How To Cover Grey Hair With Highlights. If you don’t, the grey hairs will show and make you look older than you are. Highlights can be an excellent option for covering up those pesky gray roots and giving your color some depth without doing anything too drastic. There are several ways to do this, depending on how dramatic or subtle an effect you’d like. You could go the easy route and add in a few light streaks throughout your hair.

When clients start to have gray hair, they have two choices. They can dye it silver or cover the gray with highlights. If they choose not to dye it silver, they can use highlights to make their hair look more natural. Highlights are brighter ribbons of color that blend with their hair and make it look better. When choosing highlights, they should carefully look at their natural hair color to make sure that the colors match.

How To Cover Grey Hair With Highlights?

Yes, gray hair can highlight. Just remember that lightening the strands of grey hair is not always done directly. You might only lighten the pieces of silver hair around them, making it harder to see that they are there. The benefits are that you can still have highlights, and your gray hair will not show up as much. Blending your gray hair with highlights can make your hair look more youthful and natural than just doing one color. This will also make it look thicker.

How To Cover Grey Hair With Highlights

Do you want to highlight or color your gray hair?

Blend gray hairs if your client wants to look like they have more hair. When you color gray hairs, you can choose which kind of finish to make. You can also choose different colors for the highlights.

Highlight gray hair if your client has highlighted hair that they want to keep. If they try highlights for the first time, highlights might be more noticeable on their silver streaks. You can also highlight them with a double process which means applying root shadow first, then highlighting with multi-tonal ‘lights.

How to use highlights on gray hair: the traditional way.

This technique will help you hide your gray hair. When you color your hair, use highlights throughout the entire length of the hair and change how wide each colored strand is depending on what you want to do. In this way, the difference between dyed and natural tresses won’t be noticeable.

1:Highlights and Lowlights For Grey Hair Blending.

Gray blending is a good idea because it requires less maintenance than a solid color. The gray hair blends in so you don’t have to go to the salon every four weeks. It looks more natural and helps the gray roots sneak into your standard color. Most women feel more confident knowing that they won’t see “the skunk stripe” around the crown of their head in three weeks.

When new gray hairs come, you can use highlights to make them look like part of the hair. Highlights are lighter colors that contrast with your natural hair color. Lowlights are darker colors that blend in with your natural hair color.

If you have gray hair, it is essential to get highlights or lowlights. Highlights can help distract from new gray-hair growth and make your hair look more natural. You should ask a hairstylist who knows what they are doing to ensure that you get the correct highlights or lowlights for your hair.

2:Use a Glossing Color

A way to blend your gray hair, so there is no line in the middle of your head is to get a gloss treatment. This looks like it will fade away over four to eight weeks, depending on what manufacturer you use. You can come into the salon anytime you want if you need a refresh or come every eight weeks for maintenance.

You have gray hair, but it is different. This is because cells that make your hair color are gone, and those that keep it growing are also gone. You can add a gloss to soften your hair. This gloss adds shine and moisture to your grays. It will not color all of them, but 75% will cover it in this way.

3:Use Au Naturel Color

If you want to go from dark hair to light hair, there is a way. If you don’t talk about it, it will happen on its own.

Depending on how much gray you have, it may be as easy as putting in highlights. When your hair is primarily gray, put in some highlights to make the color lighter and let the gray grow out. If you have a lot of gray, it may take more than one session to get your desired results.

Adding silver or cool-toned highlights to your hair all over will help your gray grow in. Letting the roots grow out is not a one-step process. You should maintain the color by adding gray highlights and getting regular haircuts to give you a haircut that will work with the new hair color.

4:Salt and Pepper

The technique of staining is when you use two different colors. One of them should be lighter, like light-gray or ash. The other one should be darker, like black. If your hair is gray or if it is colored ash, then this technique might work for you. You can only do this kind of coloring by an expert colorist to find the best colors and make the transition smooth with a WOW effect.

5:Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights are a light touch of color on individual strands. This technique is good if you have gray hair because it can combine with other colors that will not show the grays. If the person doing your highlights is skilled, your gray regrowth will look stylish and attractive. The balayage dyeing technique looks nice because it has smooth transitions from one color to another, which helps to cover up grays.

6:Massive Gray Coverage

If you want to cover your gray, you can get it touched up. Your roots will grow in, and the highlights will make the line less noticeable. You won’t see your silver sparkles as soon as before because they will blend with the highlights. There are two ways to cover your gray roots. The first is a semi-permanent option that fades over time and a permanent option that completely covers all of the grayness.


You can see that it is possible to cover grey hair with highlights. It’s essential to understand the different types of highlighting, as well as their application methods. We hope you found this article helpful!

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