How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair At Home – Bleach Blonde

“I asked myself often, ” How to color resistant grey hair at home”? Grey hair appears again after a few months. I am using dye to color resistant grey hair. Dye damage my hair. Should I use a natural remedy?

What can I do to be color-resistant to grey hair? After passing some time, I have achieved a beneficial solution and treatment of resistant grey hair color—this complete treatment coverage of grey hair control hair damage.

I like to share it with my friends. Don’t skip this article. You do not like Henna dye; here is a unique remedy is waiting for you. For more information, remain with us at the end of this article. Stay in touch and enjoy the article on How to color resistant grey hair at home

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First of all, you need to understand what is causing your hair to turn grey. Why do you need to color resistance after some time?

Three primary reasons of grey hair.

  1. Old age
  2. Genetic
  3. Premature

If your hair is turning grey due to old age, it is called natural aging. In this case, you can use resistant grey hair and can use natural remedies.

The second reason is genetic. If your parents’ hair turns grey quickly, your hair may turn grey soon. In that case, take some precautions to prevent your hair from turning grey quickly. Add minerals, copper, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, protein to your diet; it plays an essential role in hair growth.

The third reason is serious diseases and premature grey hair that cause your hair to start turning grey quickly—diabetes, asthma, kidney diseases, typhoid malaria.

Pollution and stress can also cause premature greying of hair. If your hair has turned grey due to diseases, get it treated first. Eat good food and exercise daily.

How to Colour Resistant Grey Hair At Home Easily

How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair At Home

You can easily color resistant your hair at home. Grey hair roots can be seen again in 10 to 15 days, so you need to dye your hair more often. You are using Hydrogen peroxide to color or bleach hair. Your hair is premature grey due to the excessive use of this chemical. That’s why you should use hair products that do not contain ammonia and PPD formula. Developers should always use 20v because it does not become harmful to your scalp.  “How to resistant grey hair at home.”

 Here is some blonde that is mention according to your hair’s texture requirement.

  1. L’oreal One day spray(silver colorist)
  2. L’oreal Magic root cover-up
  3. Color Wow root cover-up
  4. Style Edit root touch up powder

All the above blonde are available in spray, powder forms. These products are of temporary hair color. Also, You will spray on the grey root coverage area. This spray blonde is very easy to use. If you are using powder form blonde, apply it with the help of a brush. You can also use this blonde for highlight and lowlight streaks.

It makes you look stunning and beautiful. This spray may not be suitable for your hair. Maybe it makes your hair dry and dull. You can also use Mascara to cover up your grey hair root.

Mascara is available in different colors. Choose the color that matches your natural hair color. Apply the Mascara on the grey root.

Here is some bleach product mention; choose it according to your hair texture.


Every product is available in every shade of hair color. All products have a good result, and you choose it according to your desire and enjoy a new look of your hair.

Resistant Grey Hair, You Need to Be a Blonde

Basically blond hair color doesn’t add to everybody’s Sparkle. There are so many inputs into the decision to color your hair to hide the gray and I believe it’s a very personal decision and everybody’s inputs and ultimate decision are very unique and personal to them.

But if you’re somebody who has decided to color your hair to hide the Grays I think I would recommend really understand your reasons behind coloring your hair to hide the Grays you just wanted to have some fun with your look and what have you.

I would recommend choosing a hair color that gives off your best and it just might not be blond. There are three aspects to every color we see undertone value and intensity and blond hair color is just really around value so it just means you’re choosing a lighter value hair color but what if your coloring isn’t suited to lighter value hair colors.

There are three aspects to every color we see undertone value intensity and hair color is no dead. It has undertone value and intensity attached to it so the undertone being cool warm neutral cool neutral warm. so I call this the neutral undertone range in terms of value for hair color.
It can be dark to light so blackly being the darkest hair color blonde being the lightest and sort of a medium brown or some Reds in between.

Apply Hair Color For Full Gray Coverage

It is very simple just sectioning your hair into four quadrants to make it easy to dye and get to your roots. Just twist them into little nubs. Don’t worry if they break out. You just need the four sections of hair evenly sectioned off Throw the clip on there.

Once you get your hair sectioned off into four easy quadrants you need to put a light coating of barrier cream just around your hairline all the way down onto your ears a little bit behind your ears and around your neck just to make sure that you don’t dye your skin and just be very careful not get it on your hair or it’ll impede the dying process.

Then just rinse your hands off quickly before you put the gloves on. Here are our little gloves to keep our hands clean.

The next step is to take the activator and the color and mix them together. You can take the cap off and leaving the little tip in place take the top off and puncture the top with the little top.

Then when you’re putting the color into the activator just make sure that you push evenly all the way down the tube. I like to squeeze it to make sure.

I get it all in there. Make sure it’s securely tight and just shake it for about 20 seconds. Make sure it’s thoroughly mixed. When it starts to shift color a little bit and turn a little bit purple it should be done.

You can take the little tip-off, then we can start dying. So I start with the back quadrant because I have to make sure I get a thorough root coverage.

I have to be very very careful when Idye my hair. I have to make sure there are no gray hairs sticking off of this head. It’s very important. So I start with the roots, and I just do a back and forth motion working with my fingertips.

All you have to do is just like when you’re in your shower make sure that all the hairs are wet through the gloves.  You have full coverage. And it has to sit on my roots for 20 minutes before I go into the tips. Very very easy and so worthwhile.

Now, I go to the next quadrant. Same thing. This is the little method I go back and forth I section with the tip of the bottle and I keep going, working it in with my fingertips

We know the grays on the top of the head are the most horrific. So here I go working it in, working it in.  So again, same with the bangs, just working on all the tips.

Alright, perfect. Okay, now the back quadrant. Same thing. Making sure everything feels wet through the gloves. Massage with the fingers. Get it all the way down to the scalp.

Fourth and final quadrant. Getting rid of all the evil grays. Once again, row by row sectioning with the tip of the bottle. Again I’ve kept track of how much dye I have left for the rest of my hair.

At the end when you work through your tips there’s a little cleansing wipe in the kit that you can wipe off your entire head so that you don’t dye your skin.

So now you have it all on your roots and just massaging through for thorough coverage and also checking for any dry spots for your evil evil white/grays, and make sure everybody’s covered in there. Leave it for 20 minutes. After that wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner and see the amazing result.

How to apply bleach blonde?

  • Tips
  • 5 Easy steps to the formulation
  • Formula
  • Sectioning
  • Deep conditioning


Always remember you don’t wear lenses if you have sensitive eyes because it irritates. Dye doesn’t apply on the scalp. Always wear gloves. Use Vaseline around your neck, forehead So that the colors do not stain on your skin.

When you dye your hair, the first touch applies to and gets another touch, applying at least two months later. Use a light shampoo like detergent free. Always remember never to cut your hair before applying dye. If you see any grey hair in your hair, do not try to pull or break it. Doing so will damage your scalp and increase the risk of further growth of grey hair.

 5 Easy steps to the formulation

How to Colour Resistant Grey Hair At Home Easily

step1: Determine the natural level

step2: Determine desire level and tone

step3: Determine the volume of a developer( 20vol is best for coverage grey hair)

step4: Determine the percentage of grey.

step5: Determine underlying pigment.


(75% 5NB+25%5G+20VOL(Mixed1:1)


 Wash your hair the day before dyeing. Divide your hair into two parts and further divided it into four parts. Apply your desirable dye. After 15 to 30min, wash it with normal water. Deep conditioning Surely, blonde products damage your hair—5000 chemicals found in bleach blonde.

Science has not yet discovered a cure that can permanently restore your hair to its original color. Don’t worry; I have a solution and treatment, and this treatment stops damaging of hair for a long time.” How to color resistant grey hair at home.”

 Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning means protein treatment, and it is a costly treatment of hair in a salon. But you can easily apply the deep conditioning of your hair at home.

First, wash your hair one day ago.

On the second day, lightly wet your hair. Take a desirable brand conditional, Then make a four-section of your hair, apply the conditioner of your lightly wet hair. Tie your hair and wear a shower cap for 40 minutes. Wash your hair and enjoy the stunning result.

This treatment has been protected your hair after dye for two weeks. This solution gives your hair smoothness and shine.

  How to Color Resistant Gray Hair at Home During Pregnancy

I hate my resistant grey hair. After two or three months, I cover up my resistant grey hair. During pregnancy, I consult my doctor if I can use resistant grey hair; the Doctor recommends that I avoid dye during the first three months of pregnancy. Because of its time to the development of the baby organs.

Dye products contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, PPD formula. Ammonia present in the air. Avoid go to those areas where someone uses ammonia; you inhale it; it’s not suitable for pregnancy. After three months, you can cover your resistant grey hair. But avoid to dye is better for your and baby health.

  • Take a balanced diet, go on a morning walk, and exercise daily.
  • Resistant grey hair is due to a deficiency of vitamin B or B12.nt in the air. Try to avoid going to those areas where have no space or ventilation. If someone
  • The doctor also recommended me this is premature grey hair.
  • Include mineral vitamins, proteins supplement in your diet.
  • Drink water 7 to 8 classes daily and sleep 8 hours.
  • Don’t take stress because it causes premature greying.
  • Take Oil Nourishment of your hair before or after taking a bath.
  • Owing to PCOS, PCOD some women have hormone imbalances and made a cause of grey hair.

Follow all the above instructions.☝If this problem is not genetic, indeed, you get your natural hair. It is time-consuming but much better than dye.

Hair Expert Says:

Jason Hogan, colorist at Josh Wood Atelier, says this advice is outdated and in most cases, it is perfectly safe for women to dye their hair while expecting

The hair expert says Models may have also used subtle styling tricks to hide or ‘distract the eye’ from any stray white strands

‘The chemicals in modern permanent cremes and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic,’ he told MailOnline ‘Most research, although limited, suggests it’s safe to color your hair while pregnant ‘ ‘For any of my clients expecting, I opt first to keep the hair dimensional and multi-tonal; this is going to distract the eye from any white strands ‘Onlookers spotted the addition of some warm chestnut highlights.

Natural Remedy

There is another way of resistant grey hair, which is a natural remedy. These are safe and secure for your and baby health.

How to color resistant grey hair at home



  1.  Indigo powder
  2.   Henna
  3.   coffee
  4.    Egg

How to prepare

  • Dissolve coffee in water, then mix Henna in it.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • On the second day, it mixes indigo powder and egg.
  • Apply it to your hair; after 3-hour wash it and enjoy the result.
  • Extra time for extra color.


Suppose you don’t like Henna and dye. Some smell feels awful during pregnancy—this unique remedy for you, my dear sister.

How to Color Resistant Gray Hair at Home During Pregnancy


Coffee: 4cup

Hair conditioner: 1/2 cup

Mix all the ingredients very well for 10 to 15 minutes. When coffee leaves the color, you are then retouching to apply. Wear a shower cap or scarf for 1 hour. Remove the shower cap and wash it with normal water. Don’t use shampoo. For better results, use it 2days with the same process. This color remains in your hair for three weeks. This remedy will not harm your hair because it has no side effects.


Every dye product and remedy is not for everyone. It may not be suitable for your skin or scalp. Please, take a test of your skin before using it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and understood “How to color resistant grey hair at home.” It would be best if you used this solution and treatment. It will help you to solve your problems and save your hair for dye.