How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair At Home – Fast Solution

How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair At Home can be a big problem for many people, especially those with gray hair that want to color their hair at home. This article will offer some tips and tricks on How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair At Home so you can get the look you crave without the expense of going to the salon!

How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair At Home

Here is the easy solution for your problem that is hair chalk.

How Hair Chalk Works To Colour Resistant Grey Hair

Hair Chalk works by adhering the chalk powder to your hair via static electricity. Once applied, it is best to coat the selected Hair section with gel or wax before slowly rubbing in the dry colored powder. When applying hair Chalk, it’s recommended that you use a rubber glove so that your skin does not stain in case.

Hair Chalk works by absorbing into grey hair, but not into other types of colored hair, then it oxidizes for hours or sometimes even minutes to create any desired color. The more you use it, the longer it lasts. For example, if you use clay-based hair chalk once, then add water to re-activate the product when required again. Most Hair Chalk kits include a brush or sponge so that you can easily apply powder to your hair and wax or gel in which to seal in color so it does not wash away, but the wax also allows you to style your hair in many different ways by creating streaks or highlighting. You can choose from a selection of colors or mix multiple colors to create unique styles. Hair Chalk works on most hair types, including greys, and comes in many different brands and colors available. This temporary method of coloring grey and colored hair at home is excellent for both men and women, young and old.

Hair Chalk Reviews And How To Apply Hair Chalk To Grey Hair

Viviscal Hair Chalk “No Grey No Problem”

After decades of waiting for real-life hair coloring products that are safe to use on grey hair, the wait is finally over. The inevitable has happened with the introduction of Hair Chalk by Viviscal “No Grey No Problem” range. Along with a great new name comes a range of exciting new products that will change the way you color-resistant grey hair forever! Viviscal Hair Chalk provides an easy and fun solution to cover up those pesky greys around your face and down your neckline without having to use potentially hazardous chemicals. Hair Chalk is so effective at covering greys that you’ll be dazzling your friends with electric blue or exotic purple locks in minutes! Hair Chalk’s unique blend of ingredients works quickly to cover greys and give your Hair color a long-lasting boost.

Brush Applicator

Hair Chalk is applied using the specially designed brush applicator (included in all Viviscal “No Grey No Problem” kits) or our unique Crème Developer Activator Applicator Bottle, which is also included in every kit. Mix the Hair Chalk powder with Viviscal’s unique Crème Developer Activator before applying it to your hair! You can use Hair Chalk in different ways depending on how you want to style your hair. Create highlights for a rock star look by applying Hair Chalk to small sections of your hair, sealing with the Crème Developer Activator. You can apply Hair Chalk all over using the brush applicator or our unique bottle for a more subtle look, then style as required.


Hair Chalk is easy to remove from your hair, and it washes out with shampoo. No need to worry about leaving it in too long!

Hair Chalk is an effective way of covering up grey hair. The only problem you may have is hiding your secret from others until they try it for themselves! And that’s not a bad thing. You can now feel good about yourself again by ditching the dye and embracing the convenience of Hair Chalk.

Now you have the opportunity to change your look whenever you want without breaking the bank. Grab a kit today at .

5 Tips How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair:

Choose Your Colour Wisely

Choosing the right color to cover grey hair can be difficult. You don’t necessarily want to choose a shade that is too light as this will not give good coverage, and you might end up with ‘platinum blonde’ hair – unappealing! If you choose a shade that is too dark, it will not be suitable for your skin tone, and you could end up with ‘ginger’ hair.

To choose the best color to cover grey regrowth, look at your natural coloring and find a shade one or two tones lighter than what you are currently using. You can also find related colors that suit you best by using the L’Oreal Colour Expert online hair color finder.

Match Your Shade To Your Skin Tone

The shade of hair color also needs to be matched to your skin tone. This is another essential tip for covering grey regrowth and ensuring even coverage from root to information. The shade should either match your skin tone or be slightly lighter to create a natural look.

To choose the best shade for your skin tone, you need to determine whether you have excellent, neutral, or warm undertones in your skin. You can do this by looking at the veins on your wrist. They will either appear blue (excellent), green (neutral), or gold/yellow (warm).

If you have blue, green, or gold/yellow undertones in your skin, you can either choose a shade that is one tone lighter than your current hair color or opt for the best shade to cover grey regrowth. If you don’t know your undertone, it may be worth seeing a hairdresser or colorist get their opinion.

Choose The Right Dye For Your Hair

You need to choose the best dye for your hair type and color. This is particularly important if you have colored treated, dry, and damaged hairs, as they will absorb more coloring and may need a more profound conditioning treatment before you color. You may also need to opt for a permanent hair dye instead of a semi-permanent one if you have resistant grey hair.

Always follow the hair dye instructions given on the pack, but be aware that using more products than recommended may result in darker coverage. If you are unsure or need more advice, ask your hairdresser or colorist which dye would suit your hair.

Prep Your Hair Before Colouring

Before you begin applying your chosen shade of hair dye, you need to prep your hair properly. To do this, shampoo your hair with a moisturizing shampoo to ensure that the oils in your scalp are replaced and that the cuticles on each strand are opened up. You’ll then need to apply some heat to the hair with a hairdryer or steamer for around 10 minutes so that your hair is more receptive to the coloring product.

After shampooing and opening up the cuticles of each strand of hair, you can use a tint brush (also known as a foiling brush) to apply the color to regrowth. If you are using a semi-permanent hair dye, this will be enough. For permanent stains or if you have resistant grey hair, you may need to apply the color twice to ensure even coverage from root to tip.:

Rinse Your Hairs Thoroughly

After applying your chosen shade of tint, you need to rinse your hair thoroughly. This is important to ensure that there are no product residues on the hair, which can cause staining if they are not entirely washed out.

After rinsing the dye from your hair, use lukewarm water to remove any excess color, and then shampoo your hair with a moisturizing shampoo again to replace the oils in your scalp. It is also a good idea to use a conditioner at this point, as it will help remove any product residue from the hair and protect the cuticles of each strand of hair.

The type of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner you choose will depend on your hair type and color. For example, you’ll need to select a different shampoo and conditioner if you have dry/damaged hair compared to oily hair.

Wash Your Hands After Colouring

After applying the dye, you should also be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and moisturizing soap or handwashing detergent. This is important as some dyes may contain substances that can cause skin irritation.

If you happen to dye your hair regularly, it is also advisable to use gloves when applying the product. This will prevent staining of the fingers and ensure that the coloring lasts for as long as possible.

How to Colour Resistant Grey Hair At Home Easily

How To Color Resistant Of Grey Hair At Home

You can easily color-resistant your hair at home. Grey hair roots can be seen again in 10 to 15 days, so you need to dye your hair more often. You are using Hydrogen peroxide to color or bleach hair. Your hair is premature grey due to the excessive use of this chemical. That’s why you should use hair products that do not contain ammonia and PPD formula. Developers should always use 20v because it does not become harmful to your scalp.  

 Here is some blonde that is mentioned according to your hair’s texture requirement.

  1. L’oreal One day spray(silver colorist)
  2. L’oreal Magic root cover-up
  3. Color Wow root cover-up
  4. Style Edit root touch up powder

All the above blonde are available in spray, powder forms. These products are of temporary hair color. Also, You will spray on the grey root coverage area. This spray blonde is very easy to use. If you are using powder form blonde, apply it with the help of a brush. You can also use this blonde for highlight and lowlight streaks.

It makes you look beautiful. This spray may not be suitable for your hair. Maybe it makes your hair dry and dull. You can also use Mascara to cover up your grey hair root.

Mascara is available in different colors. Choose the color that matches your natural hair color. Apply the Mascara on the grey root.

Here is some bleach product mentioned; choose them according to your hair texture.


Every product is available in every shade of hair color. All products have a good result, and you choose it according to your desire and enjoy a new look of your hair.


Apply Hair Color For Full Gray Coverage

The best way to apply hair color for full gray coverage is to use a base of 30 vol developer. This will ensure the dye penetrates through all the white hairs, giving your hair an even appearance. To prolong your colored look, you should use a color sealant or matte styling product that limits sheen without weighing down your hair.


Another way to apply hair color for full gray coverage is by using a demi-permanent or deposit-only color with no developer. This will help avoid the damage caused by over-processing your hair, especially if you have dry hair already. However, the downside of this technique is that it can take several applications before you achieve the color you’re looking for, and in the end, it still doesn’t quite match your natural color.


Using a semi-permanent hair dye with low ammonia or peroxide is another way to apply hair color for full gray coverage. In most cases, this approach gives good results, but the downside is that such low alkaline dyes will not.

No matter the type of color service you are doing, applying hair color for full gray coverage is an art. The goal is to have no visible roots for at least 4-6 weeks before needing another touch-up, depending on the hair growth rate. Gray Hair tends to grow faster than non-gray hair. If you plan a foil highlight or a balayage hair painting technique to apply hair color for full gray coverage, you should allow the natural root-growth phase to pass before retouching. Usually, a growth cycle is four weeks, and it’s best to leave one whole week before doing your next touch-up.

Ombre hair

One of the most effective ways of applying hair color for full gray coverage is by using the ombre hair painting technique. This approach will give you a natural and shiny transition from your natural color to your new hair color, and it’s not as harsh as the traditional highlights and low lights that can be seen from far away. The secret behind this ombre look is that only half of the regrowth area is colored. The other half is left untouched, allowing the hair to blend naturally with your natural color.

Although applying hair color for full gray coverage looks excellent on women, it’s not a good idea for men. Men who have a lot of gray in their beards need to focus more on their haircut and grooming instead of going over the top with their hair color. If you are a man with gray hair at the sides or in the temple area, then it’s recommended that you leave your hair untouched and focus on it.

How to apply bleach?

  • Tips
  • 5 Easy steps to the formulation
  • Formula
  • Sectioning
  • Deep conditioning


Always remember you don’t wear lenses if you have sensitive eyes because it irritates you. Dye doesn’t apply to the scalp. Always wear gloves. Use Vaseline around your neck, forehead So that the colors do not stain on your skin.

The first touch applies to and gets another touch when you dye your hair, involving at least two months later. Use a light shampoo like detergent-free. Always remember never to cut your hair before applying dye. If you see any grey hair in your hair, do not try to pull or break it. Doing so will damage your scalp and increase the risk of further growth of grey hair.

 5 Easy steps to the formulation

How to Colour Resistant Grey Hair At Home Easily

step1: Determine the natural level

step2: Determine desire level and tone

step3: Determine the volume of a developer( 20vol is best for coverage grey hair)

step4: Determine the percentage of grey.

step5: Determine underlying pigment.


(75% 5NB+25%5G+20VOL(Mixed1:1)


 Wash your hair the day before dyeing. Divide your hair into two parts and further divide it into four parts. Apply your desirable dye. After 15 to 30min, wash it with normal water. Deep conditioning Surely, blonde products damage your Hair —5000 chemicals found in bleach blonde.

Science has not yet discovered a cure that can permanently restore your hair to its original color. Don’t worry; I have a solution and treatment, and this treatment stops damaging hair for a long time.

 Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning means protein treatment, and it is a costly treatment of hair in a salon. But you can easily apply the deep conditioning of your hair at home.

First, wash your Hair one day ago.

On the second day, lightly wet your hair. Take a desirable brand conditional, Then make a four-section of your hair, apply the conditioner of your lightly wet hair. Tie your hair and wear a shower cap for 40 minutes. Wash your hair and enjoy the stunning result.

This treatment has been protected your hair after dye for two weeks. This solution gives your hair smoothness and shine.

  How to Color Resistant Gray Hair at Home During Pregnancy

I hate my resistant grey hair. After two or three months, I cover up my resistant grey hair. During pregnancy, I consult my Doctor if I can use resistant grey hair; the Doctor recommends avoiding dye during the first three months of pregnancy. Because of its time to the development of the baby organs.

Dye products contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, PPD formula. Ammonia is present in the air. Avoid going to those areas where someone uses ammonia; you inhale it; it’s unsuitable for pregnancy. After three months, you can cover your resistant grey hair. But avoid to dye is better for your and baby health.

  • Take a balanced diet, go on a morning walk, and exercise daily.
  • Resistant grey hair is due to a deficiency of vitamin B or B12.nt in the air. Try to avoid going to those areas where have no space or ventilation. If someone
  • The Doctor also recommended me this is premature grey Hair.
  • Include mineral vitamins, proteins supplement in your diet.
  • Drink water 7 to 8 classes daily and sleep 8 hours.
  • Don’t take stress because it causes premature greying.
  • Take Oil Nourishment of your Hair before or after taking a bath.
  • Owing to PCOS, PCOD some women have hormone imbalances and made caused by grey hair.

Follow all the above instructions.☝If this problem is not genetic, indeed, you get your natural hair. It is time-consuming but much better than dye.

Hair Expert Says:

Jason Hogan, a colorist at Josh Wood Atelier, says this advice is outdated, and in most cases, it is perfectly safe for women to dye their hair while expecting

The hair expert says Models may have also used subtle styling tricks to hide or ‘distract the eye’ from any stray white strands.

Some chemicals in modern permanent cremes and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic. The majority of research done on this is safe. And if you want to keep your hair, I would put it in different colors, so the eye is distracted from any white strands. People also spotted someone with chestnut highlights.

How to Color Resistant Gray Hair at Home Natural Remedy

There is another way of resistant grey Hair, which is a natural remedy. These are safe and secure for your and your baby health.



  1.  Indigo powder
  2.   Henna
  3.   coffee
  4.    Egg

How to prepare

  • Dissolve coffee in water, then mix Henna in it.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • On the second day, it mixes indigo powder and egg.
  • Apply it to your hair; after 3-hour wash it and enjoy the result.
  • Extra time for extra color.



Coffee: 4cup

Hair conditioner: 1/2 cup

Mix all the ingredients very well for 10 to 15 minutes. When coffee leaves the color, you are then retouching to apply. This will make your hair look its best! Shower cap or scarf for an hour. Remove and wash as usual. To get the most out of this remedy, use it over two days with a single process each time – but don’t worry because these colors last three weeks in length before needing another session (and there aren’t any side effects)!


You can use many different techniques to color-resistant hair at home, and we’ve outlined the most popular ones below. You may want to try them all out before deciding which one is right for your hair type and lifestyle! What technique do you think would work best for you?