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How to apply black charcoal mask-beauty tricks

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How to apply black charcoal mask? black charcoal masks are very good. They help with oily skin and acne. The mask is fun to use because it’s black and looks like a mask. The natural ingredients make it work for all people who have problems with acne, oily skin, or redness on their face. It can help you get rid of your old face and get a new one that has no acne or redness on it. This is a mix of charcoal and other ingredients that will help your skin stay moist. The active components in the mask can clean dirt from pores as well as help to regulate sebaceous glands. The end result is a refreshed, clean face.

Activated carbon is a new healthy product that comes from coconuts. It can be used inside the body for health and outside the body to clean your skin. This article will focus on how you can use it to take care of your skin by making it cleaner, purer, and more beautiful. You will learn some tricks to make your skin look great with activated charcoal!

How to apply a black charcoal mask:

  • Cleanse and dry your face well. Then, to get a better effect, you can pre-steam the skin.
  • Apply a thick layer of Black Mask on the skin, avoiding the area around the eyes
  • Put the face mask on your face. Put it from the chin to the hairline. The product should not get in your hair or eyebrows.
  • After waiting 20-30 minutes until completely dry, the mask can be carefully removed, taking it by the edge and gently lifting the skin from the bottom to the top.
  • Smoothly remove the mask-film
  • Wash the residue with water
  • The right way to use this product is 1 or 2 times a week.

How to make a black Activated charcoal mask

How to make a black Activated charcoal mask

Activated carbon for skin

Before explaining the beauty tricks with activated charcoal, you must understand why this product is optimal for your skin’s health. As we have already anticipated, it is a type of coal that has excellent depurative properties. When taken orally, it is indicated to purify the body and eliminate toxins that may have been stored inside.

But if we focus on skin health, activated charcoal helps us in the following aspects:

Detoxifies the skin:

The same cleansing capacity that has been taken orally. It can also be obtained topically if we apply this product directly on the face. The active elements that this product gives us will cleanse the skin and remove any dirt that may have been embedded in the pores.

Disinfects the skin:

It also has antibacterial properties that eliminate any bacteria that can affect our skin and worsen our health. Therefore, with activated carbon, we get to improve the skin’s appearance as much as possible and recover its shine and smoothness again.

Reduces fat on the skin:

It is another reason it is one of the most popular star products today. It has astringent properties that reduce the presence of sebum in the skin. Therefore, reduce the possibility of suffering from blackheads, pimples, or pimples, in addition to the unsightly brightness.

Activated charcoal black mask to clean the skin

One of the main properties of this product is its ability to detoxify and cleanse the skin in-depth. Therefore, below we will discover one of the most effective beauty tricks with activated charcoal you can make from your home. You will need to:


  • 1 charcoal capsule (you can buy it in pharmacies or herbalists)
  • one a spoonful of milk (to give moisture to the dermis)
  • 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin

Start by pouring the envelope of gelatin into a bowl and mixing it with the milk. Then, please put it in the microwave for 15 seconds so that the pasta is gelatinous. Then, you will have to add the contents of the capsule. Now you can mix with a spoon’s help so that all the ingredients are fully integrated.

Let it cool slightly, and then apply this paste to your skin. You are avoiding the most sensitive areas, such as the corners of the lips and the eye area. Let it act for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Repeat this treatment once or twice a week, and you will have cleaner and more beautiful skin.

Home scrub with activated charcoal

Thanks to its cleansing properties, activated charcoal can also be excellent for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin and any impurities. To achieve this, we will prepare a homemade cream. We will mix the properties of this coal with sea salt and oils that will hydrate the skin in depth. You will need to:


  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • 3 capsules of activated carbon
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

We have to mix the ingredients in a pot made of glass or plastic and avoid metallic ones as much as possible. Then, the capsules must open to pour into the mixture the content inside it.

Once you have the mixture ready, you should only moisten your skin with a bit of water and apply this paste all over your face while doing circular movements. You can eliminate the dirt that may have been embedded in the pore when you have cleaned the entire face. You will have to rinse with warm water and then apply your usual moisturizer.

Repeat this treatment 1 or 2 times a week, and you will have a luminous face without imperfections or black spots.

Whiten teeth with activated charcoal

Within the beauty tricks with activated charcoal, we highlight its potential to whiten teeth naturally. This product can help us improve our teeth. Because it has antibacterial properties that eliminate bacteria and dirt embedded in the enamel, it alters ivory’s natural color. In addition, the activated carbon balances the pH getting, therefore, reducing the stains on the teeth.

To take advantage of these whitening properties. It is recommended that you use the treatment twice a week. Because only then will you be able to reduce your enamel’s tone and return to its natural color.

To carry out this home remedy, you will have to put your toothbrush underwater to wet the bristles and apply a bit of activated charcoal on the brush. Now you will have to brush your teeth gently for 3 minutes and reach all the mouth corners. You can also pass it through the gums because, thanks to its properties. It will help you clean any impurities that may have been embedded in this area.

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How to apply a black charcoal mask  The mask is designed for deep, rapid, and effective cleaning of the face from black dots (contaminated pores and blackheads). It stops the formation of black dots on the nose, cleans the skin’s pores, and eliminates black dots.

Highly concentrated components located on the gel matrix penetrate through the pores deep into the skin. This activated black mask gradually activates the cells. As a result, it restores the skin’s collagen skeleton and optimizes the hydration of the skin structures.


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