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Best type of makeup brushes-You need it

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There was a time that I used to stay up until the early hours researching make-up brushes (yes, I was that obsessed- you could call it to brush porn if you like.) Generally speaking, if you’re using powder, then brushes with natural hairs pick up more powder; for creams- synthetic brushes are your best bet. Although there are different types you don’t have to buy them all, one or two should be sufficient. Best type of makeup brushes

There are 4 main types:

Best type of makeup brushes. Here are my suggestions, whatever your budget.

1) Angled Brush

This is one of the easiest brushes for contouring and one I would recommend for contouring newbies. This is because it basically does the placement and blending for you. Holding the brush from your ear with the highest point of the brush furthest away from your brush towards the mouth. This doubles as a blush and contour brush. I have Zoeva’s, and they come up small, which is great for small faces or detailed work, but if you don’t have a small face then Mac 168 would be better. Examples 

  1. High-End Hakuhudo J511, MAC 168
  2. Low-End Zoeva 127 and 128,
  3.   Sigma F40 brush.


2) Small Tapered Brush & Small Short Blush Brush 

Small Tapered Brush & Small Short Blush Brush 

Small tapered brushes give a more precise definition and are fairly easy to use, as long as you put in the shadow in the right place. They can be used for highlighting and blush too. A short small blush brush can work as well and would save you buying another brush.

Tapered brushes are

  1. High-end Nars Yachiyo Brush
  2. Low-End Real Techniques contour brush,
  3. core collection,
  4. Elf Small tapered brush
  5. Small blush brushes
  6. high-end Mac 129 Brush
  7. Low-end Sigma F05 brush


3) Japanese Ita Brushes

Probably the most sought after contouring brush is the Nars Ita brush. This has a long flat wide handle and a shortish narrow brush. The low-end dupe is the Everyday Minerals Itahake brush. You angle the brush on its end and brush from in front of the ear, across your cheekbones but stop short of the mouth. This brush gives a nice sharp line but then needs to be buffed out a lot, and I mean a hell of a lot. I recommend Real techniques buffing brush to do this. At a pinch, you could use the short brushes in Benefit’s boxed powders. These Ita brushes are for those who are already good at contouring or have a lot of time to do their make up.

  1. Nars Ita brush
  2.  Everyday Minerals Itahake brush

4) Long-handled smaller Ita Brushes

These are similar to the ita brushes, but the long handle gives more control. The Illamasqua brush has a firmer brush head to give you more control and is best for cream products. Again these are good for creating a sharp line; you place the brush to sit under the cheekbone and brush along with it. However, it would be best if you still buffed the contour well, so I recommend this for those already good at contouring—high-end Ilamasqua Blush up Brush Low-end Real techniques Flat Contour brush.

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